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    New!  Screen-Free Digital Camera
    Screen-Free Digital Camera


    Availability: Limited Stock Item


    These screen-free digital cameras are perfect to capture every moment at camp! With its durable design, long-lasting rechargeable battery, vintage look, and effortless storage capacity, you'll have everything you need to capture memories that last a lifetime. These recommended digital cameras for camp meet current camp electronic policies that allow for only screen-free devices.
    • Photo Storage: The camp Snap camera comes with a pre-installed 4GB TF card capable of holding approximately 2000 photos.
    • Photo Quality: Vintage Film Style quality vibrant color digital or printable photos.
    • Simple to use: With just a shutter button and flash selector switch, anyone can capture memorable moments with ease. No complicated settings or menus to navigate, just point and shoot.
    • Download and print photos: Connect the camera to your computer to view, save, or print your photos.
    • Rechargeable: Charges easily with USB-C charging. Full charge lasts for 250 photos.
    • Vintage Style: Bringing back the aesthetically pleasing vintage camera design. Thin enough to easily carry in your pocket for on the go.
    • Drop-Proof: The Camp Snap camera is a durable, eco-friendly option that can withstand rugged terrain thanks to its hard plastic construction with no internal moving parts.
    • LED Flash: The camera uses an LED flash because they are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and provide consistent lighting for better image quality.
    • Included: USB-C charging cord
    • See the Camp Snap Instruction Sheet
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