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    Mighty Vibe Music Player
    Mighty Vibe Music Player


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    The most recommended music player for camp. Current camp electronic policies allow for only music devices that do not have video or wifi features. The Mighty plays your Spotify and Amazon Music playlists without a phone, screen, or internet connection. It pairs wirelessly with your phone for music syncing before camp and is compatible with both Bluetooth and wired headphones to be used at camp.
    • Streaming music offline: Take advantage of your Spotify Premium and Amazon Music and enhance your streaming music experience beyond the phone.
    • Tiny & Lightweight: No fat, all performance. 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.7", 0.7 ounces
    • WiFi & Bluetooth enabled: Pairs wirelessly with your phone for music syncing and compatible with both Bluetooth and wired headphones.
    • 5+ Hours of playback: Mighty's battery lasts longer than most of your workouts.
    • 1000+ Song storage: Dozens of playlists, hundreds of hours of music, podcasts, or stories.
    • Drop resistant: Mighty is durable enough to handle accidental drops and tumbles. It takes the punishment that your phone can't handle.
    • Water Resistant: The Vibe is "water resistant", able to withstand splashes, sweat, even a light rain.
    • Buttons: Power, shuffle, song fwd/back, volume up/down, playlist selector (with spoken playlist names)
    • Included: Charger, Quick Start Guide
    • produced by Mighty

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