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    Carson NeckLight
    Carson NeckLight


    Availability: Open Stock Item


    The NeckLight is a dual headed gooseneck hobby light that is fully adjustable and can be wrapped around your neck or other objects such as an armchair or bed post for hands-free use.  The anti-slip design is ergonomically shaped to rest comfortably around your neck.  The NeckLight contains two COB LED lights that have two brightness settings (high or low).  Each light can be individually adjusted to meet your brightness needs.  This hands-free gooseneck light is perfect for reading and for many other low light conditions.
    • Dual reading light with two LED lights for maximum brightness
    • Adjustable gooseneck light
    • Two large buttons to control individual brightness.
    • Two light modes, low and high for different light preferences
    • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)
    • produced by Carson

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